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I love this game and I hope you can all Believe In Steve!

Such a fun little game! Can't wait to play some more!

I really hope you get through greenlight, the game is a love & hate - best combo.
My mental state is being compromised while I play though :

No, sloths (and I) shouldn't drive. I enjoyed the game, but it's actually more difficult then I thought! Keep up the good work, it's a fun game, so everyone should give the demo and support the developers! Very cute idea!
Check out my let's play, hope you'll enjoy it!
If you did, hope you'll subscribe for more indie let's play videos!

Nice, I want to see more :D

did a lets play on ya game :D

This was a fun little game, which got challenging pretty fast.

Just uploaded my first video of it, very interesting game haha! i do apoligize for audio as the audio recorded all on one track but it is awesome and fun!

Mirror, signal, snooze, manoeuvre.

Made a video -

The obstacle levels are so hard! Especially the last one, that combines the last three levels!

One way to describe this would be Flappy Bird on wheels. so rage inducing yet so fun.

I love this game!!

I got BEACHED! hahaha, these last few challenges are SUPER TOUGH! Anyone know when the next 2 level packs will be out?

Great game. The times required are really harsh, but that makes for a fun challenge.

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This game is fantastic and cant wait as it progresses! It can be just a little rage inducing at times though...

Overall, a really fun game (eventhough I was terrible). And I think it really has potential. Here's my gameplay:

Very well made little game, unfortunately it showed me a very angry side of myself.... Good job with the game though!

  1. the game is cool

Made a funny moments video ! Love the game !

I've been having SO MUCH FUN with this game, even through the IMPOSSIBLE obstacles towards the end hahaha

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This game is awesome! I got through the first world and can't wait to try more!

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Oyunun küçük bir kısmını oynadım arkadaşlar eğer göz atmak isterseniz video linkini bırakıyorum. Can sıkıntısı anlarında kısa bir mola için eğlenceli bir parkur oyunu olmuş.


I've just done a video preview for this and uploaded it to my channel and I have a say that it's a great little game. A bit of gem really. The graphics are great as well as the audio and it's the little things that add to it like the dolphins as well. Well Done.

I think the designer of this game get inspired after watching Zootopia lol XD

I enjoyed your game, wasn't any good at it, but I enjoyed it anyways. Looking forward to the full version ;)

Made a Lets Play a few days ago, This is a hilariously entertaining game. Also very difficult!

This is an awesome! It's not easy, but not too hard! I had lots of fun playing this game!

I love this! It's so nice to see a sloth in it's natural habitat!


Hey! I had a lot of fun playing this and had a few awesome moments, heres my lets play of it :D


Thanks everyone for the comments and videos, they are all fun and very useful - i found so many bugs! It really helps to improve the release version.


I found a glitch where I can make the CAR FLY LMAO, check it out! Loving this game :)

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