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Excellent Lo Poly driving game by far that I've played! And you play as a Sloth... EVEN BETTER! I was challenged by a fellow youtuber and friend AstraVex to see how well I could do and well I think I did pretty decent...ish xD none the less I'll leave my video here so you guys can see the outcome :D Really fun game to play!

my video ►

I got this because it had Sloths


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Here's my third video on this game. I still think it's a great game but I still belive that one star should be easy to get! I know I'm bad at the game, and I know some other people are as well but it doesn't matter. You should get one star by just completeing the level. You should get 2 stars for what one star is now (or maybe a little quicker). And you should get 3 stars for completeing the level as fast as it is possible. That would make the game make more sense and in my opinion draw more people to the game; instead of pushing them away because there's a level they can't complete.

But anyway, I still had fun and I can't wait for the full game and I hope you take on board what I've said.

So much rage, but so much fun! Can't wait to play some more!

idk why you all say its rage inducing and stuff, its great. chill out


Die letzen Level habn mich sterben lassen xD

RAGE ab 4:30 minuten

güzel ve bir o kadar zor BIR oyun


Here's my second video on this game. I don't know why I waited so long to do another video but here it is:

I am the DRIFT KING in my NEW CAR! :)

So muss das sein :D Viel Spaß beim schaun :D

I managed to survive some of the levels here. I already failed the real driving test 4 times. Now I gotta fail at this too LMAO.

Getting through levels just like a sloth would. Expect more videos!

I can FLY! Kind of :P

güzel ve bir o kadar zor BIR oyun


I love this game and I hope you can all Believe In Steve!

Such a fun little game! Can't wait to play some more!

I really hope you get through greenlight, the game is a love & hate - best combo.
My mental state is being compromised while I play though :

No, sloths (and I) shouldn't drive. I enjoyed the game, but it's actually more difficult then I thought! Keep up the good work, it's a fun game, so everyone should give the demo and support the developers! Very cute idea!
Check out my let's play, hope you'll enjoy it!
If you did, hope you'll subscribe for more indie let's play videos!

Nice, I want to see more :D

did a lets play on ya game :D

This was a fun little game, which got challenging pretty fast.

Just uploaded my first video of it, very interesting game haha! i do apoligize for audio as the audio recorded all on one track but it is awesome and fun!

Mirror, signal, snooze, manoeuvre.

Made a video -

The obstacle levels are so hard! Especially the last one, that combines the last three levels!

One way to describe this would be Flappy Bird on wheels. so rage inducing yet so fun.

I love this game!!

I got BEACHED! hahaha, these last few challenges are SUPER TOUGH! Anyone know when the next 2 level packs will be out?

Great game. The times required are really harsh, but that makes for a fun challenge.

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This game is fantastic and cant wait as it progresses! It can be just a little rage inducing at times though...

Overall, a really fun game (eventhough I was terrible). And I think it really has potential. Here's my gameplay:

Very well made little game, unfortunately it showed me a very angry side of myself.... Good job with the game though!

  1. the game is cool

Made a funny moments video ! Love the game !

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